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About us

Company Profile

Glide Capsule Elevators LLP, founded in 2014, is the brainchild of a group of skilled and experienced engineers who have proven to be game-changers in the vertical transportation industry. Their top-notch technical expertise plays a critical role in custom-designing and installing world-class hydraulic home elevators equipped with the latest electro-mechanical technology and safety features.

Glide offers Consultancy and After Sales Service Support that meets international standards of excellence and timeliness. We have tied up with a wide range of leading elevator manufacturers from Europe, including Germany and Italy – all brands compliant with Euro Safety Standards.

The Glide team visits the site to assess the need, and does a feasibility study in the process. They will then design the car size, speed rate and load to suit the construction of the home, as well as the preferred budget. The look and feel of the cabin interiors, entry and exit points are discussed with the client and customised to their liking.

Glide has a strong import service network in all main cities of India, and continues to grow from strength to strength.


To design and import cutting-edge technology and provide reliable and timely after-sales service of world-class brands to homes and commercial spaces at affordable rates.

Our Management Team

Monsy George (MD)


The founder of the company and Ex-Bosch Senior Executive with special skills and expertise in designing, installing and after-sales service of world-class vertical mobility products.

George Thomas (Partner)

M-Tech (Mechanical)

Hydraulic system design, development and testing expert.

Suja Mathew (Partner)

B-Tech (EEE)

Product of CET. Trivandrum. Electrical control systems design, development and testing.

Mathew M.Thomas (Partner)

B-Tech (Civil)

Structural design and hoist way preparation.