Glide to the next level

Experience the convenience and comfort of stair-free homes and offices. Glide capsule elevators are stylishly engineered to enhance the look and feel of your living/working space, at the same time, simplify your everyday routine.

Carting luggage, laundry baskets and shopping bags up and down multiple levels becomes so much easier with Glide; not to mention easy mobility for the elderly and those who are wheel-chair bound.

Enjoy a smooth ride to the next level, in designer cabins customised by Glide that are built to stand the test of time!

Glide Capsule Elevators


  • Unmatched quality: We install only high-performing German/Italian capsule elevators that have a long operational life.
  • Committed approch: Once we commit to a project, we execute it to the best of our ability, keeping the budget and deadline in mind.
  • Good client relations: We nurture and maintain professional client relationships that stand testament to the quality of our services.
  • Fair business approch: We ensure complete transparency in all aspects, right from the feasibility check to installation and service.
  • Simple work ethics: We walk the talk at all touchpoints, ensuring that our integrity defines who we are and what we do.


Go Stair-Free & Glide Into Luxury Living

About us

Home Elevator Service

Lifestyles have changed in India, making home elevators a practical addition to homes, more than a luxury element for the elderly or the rich and famous. With technological innovations and decrease in material costs, there is no reason why you should hesitate to consider a capsule elevator in your multi-storied home. Moreover, be rest assured that Glide has a dedicated team of trained technicians in strategic cities, to give you timely service support in the event of an emergency or an unlikely malfunction.

Designer Elevator Cabins

glide product 1

Designer Cabin 1

glide product 1

Designer Cabin 2

glide product 1

Designer Cabin 3

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A sneak peek

Types of Access:

Depending on the layout of your home, Glide gives you the liberty to customise the entry and exit directions in your elevator. What looks complicated to you, is a very simple design modification for us. Our intelligent design solutions offer different combinations of entry/exit options – we’ve diagrammatically represented a few to help you understand better.

Adjacent access
Lateral access
Opposite access

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